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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Thoughts About Katrina & Its Aftermath

Worse then they thought
For once the media was actually correct about something. Hurricane Katrina was a catastrophic hurricane. To follow are my observations and opinions, you may not agree with all of what I have to say and that's ok, but don't be immature and leave nasty comments...that's just rude.
*The media has cried wolf so many times about hurricanes, that when a damaging hurricane does come, people don't evacuate.
*Those who stayed just because they thought it wouldn't be bad, are just stupid.
*The Super Dome isn't as sturdy as they thought.

*Why does there have to be morons that take advantage of others? I can understand grabbing a little food and water to get you thru the next few days, but people are taking TV's, whole sections of produce, and stuff that you can't even utilize because there is no electricity to cook it. People like that should be shot on site. Where is the military and the local police?

*How come there were people that took time to move the animals out of harm's way and then there were others that just abandoned them? For example the seals that are now scattered all over and are burning up in the heat. The owners of those captured animals should be shot. And I wish I could do it personally.

*It's absolutely amazing that President Bush got off his butt and cut short his record long vacation to sit in the white house and decide what the heck he's going to do about all of this. How about tapping into the reserve Mr. President!

*How come when there are natural disasters in other countries, the USA is one of the first ones there to help, were is the help for us with this incredible natural disaster? I don't hear about any country offering thierassistance.

*My thoughts and prayers are with the resuce workers, and the people of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.

*DON'T FORGET ABOUT THE ANIMALS! I'm sure they wouldn't have stayed if they weren't trapped in cages. UPDATE: Who's the moron that shot the seal? Why couldn't they rescue the seals? That person or persons should be shot. I can't believe they'll rescue the idiots that wouldn't evacuate, but they won't help an innocent animal.

*Make a donation here: http://www.networkforgood.org/topics/animal_environ/hurricanes/