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Sunday, August 07, 2005


I was looking around the web and reading some blogs. I found some really awesome ones too! Look at my "Other Journals" and read some of them. I also found out that my journal name is not unique after all. A matter of fact, I found 3 others that had their title "My So Called Life" as thiers! *GASP* Now what do I do? Do I leave my journal title as is and hope that someone will find mine particularly interesting? Or do I change it to something else that hopefully nobody else has? Decisions...decisions...decisions! Ahhh the heck with it, I'm leaving my journal title the way it is. All the other ones will have to get over it and learn to deal with the disappointment of sharing journal titles with countless others.

I went to a small car show today with my very pregnant sister in law. It was nice. We saw all the cars in less than one hour, she got some flavored ice thing and then we called it a day. It was nice to see her. The last time I saw her was on July 4th. She's getting big! She is due around the last week of October or beginning of November. It's her first child so it's anybody's guess.

There were a lot of severe storms around us last night until around 3AM. They all totally missed us, but you could see the lightning. From what I found out, the storms caused up rooted trees, large hail and of course lightning. I love a good storm, but I'll pass on the hail. New Jersey does get good storms, however they do not come close to Florida or the mid-west. My parents moved to Florida last year, so they quickly found out why Florida is the lightning capital of the world. My dad loves thunderstorms, however my mother will basically hide under a pillow.

Tomorrow is tidy up the house day and race day. I'm sure there will be more watching of the tv than cleaning.

Until next time...take care.