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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Sigh Of Relief

Well we got those storms I was speaking about and it was in the mid eighties yesterday and today it's only 73 with rain on it's way. It's a little late for some of my plants =( but hey we'll take it.

Went grocery shopping yesterday and stopped by Pet Smart. I picked up 2 fish to add to my fish tank. My current fish are convict fish and they have nasty attitudes. The males are really aggressive and I've about had it with them. I'm going to collect them and give them to the local petstore. They are attacking my new fish . Poor guys. Parrot fish and Severums are supposedly just as aggressive and can handle convict fish, but my fish seem to be really nasty.

Hopefully Joey will be getting home early so we can go out to eat. He is so busy during the summer that I hardly get to see him. He gets up at 5:30, comes home for a 1/2 hour lunch and then I don't see him again until 8:30ish. He has his dinner watches a little TV and then he goes to bed. Both of us can't hardly wait until February. That is when we go on vacation. We'll be going to the Daytona 500 and also Disney World. My parents moved to Ormond Beach from New Jersey last May, so we have a place to stay. They live about 15 minutes away from the track. We stayed there last year when we went to the Daytona 500 for the very first time.

Well, Joey should be home soon for lunch. I have a lot of things I need to do today, so I'm gonna get my butt moving. Until next time...take care!!!