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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Random Thoughts

I think the female readers will understand my first random thought more than men. I went to 7-11 today to pick up a pack of cigarettes. I am slowly weening myself off of them. I am now smoking carlton brand of cigarettes. I heard they are the lowest in nicotine. Anyhow...pulling into the parking lot I was cut off by a mini-van and then this woman proceeded to just park in the parking spot I was just about to pull in . So, I parked my truck in another spot and got out. The not-so-polite mini van driver gets out the vehicle and wouldn't you know it? It was my former housemate/roommate who was also once my husbands love interest! Ok, I'm no perfect 10, not even close and I will always struggle with my weight, but I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw her. She...ummm.... let's say...expanded. She appeared to be very happy and I am glad for her, but it was quite a shocker. She didn't recognize me, probably because of my haircolor. Well needless to say, I felt good about myself after that.

Can someone tell me if there has been a law put in place that drivers do not have to use their turn signals anymore? All day today I had people just stop right in the middle of the road and then make a turn right out of the blue. No turn signal...no smoke signs no hand signal...nothing. I don't know which is worse, people on AOL or the people driving on the roads. Oh and by the way? All the flippin people that didn't use signals today were....drum roll please....MEN ON THEIR CELL PHONES!!! Hello people! It's against the law to talk on your cell phone in New Jersey unless it's hands free.

Ok, here's another...Why at a traffic light do men feel it's their right to punch the gas when it turns green because they do not want to get passed by a woman driver? Then after they do the whole punch the gas so I can beat a woman driver...they go below the speed limit, thus creating a back up of traffic. Or if I try to pass, the man decides to speed up. Now I understand why there is so much road rage these days.

Well, I think I've vented enough for today. I'm gonna take Ginger for a walk. Until next time...take care!