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Saturday, August 20, 2005

No Clue

Well here I sit pondering what the heck I should type that is semi-interesting and quite possibly enlightning ::long pause::. After all, it's been days since my last journal entry, and I figured my journal was getting lonely. Perhaps during my absence, my journal has made friends with other journals? Well, considering my journal hits are lack luster, I presume the answer is no.

I have been trying very hard, to keep away from the puter, but somehow I'm drawn to it like a moth to a light. I had to get my pogo badge challenges done and if you are a Club Pogo member you know exactly what I am talking about.

I was also making an effort to spend some more quality time with my hubby . But after sitting on the couch with him having the remote, I gave up and went to my computer dungeon. And here I sit, it's 12AM, everyone is asleep except for me of course.

Well, my web site is calling me because it too is lonely and now jealous of my journal. So, I guess that's where I'm going next and there after I will try to get into my bed. I say try because we have a king size bed, the cat has my pillow and some of my side of the bed and the remaining part is usually taken up by my husband sprawled out. Why do I bother even going to bed? I should sleep in the other bedroom, but the other cat has that bed and she does not leave you alone. I could always put a day bed in my computer room, it's actually a third bedroom. Nah...nothing beats the comfort of your own bed. I'll squeeze in somewhere amongst the animals.

Well, so much for a well thought out, awe-inspiring journal entry