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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Wiping The Slate Clean

Well hello!

For those of you who stop by once in a while and read my semi-interesting journal entries, got a little surprise! Yep I deleted my old journal. It's a long story that I wish not to discuss in great detail. Basically in a nutshell, I have decided to cut ties with a lot of people, no longer use my previous s/n, and start over. I'm wiping the slate clean and moving on.

Of course deleting my old journal met that all my entries were going to be deleted too. So, what I did was copy and paste some of my recent entries into this new journal so you all won't be left in the dark. Although, I wish I saved the journal so I could have a link to my archives. But oh well...

Now for the good news:

All of my tests came out great! And? I think I cured myself. I started taking a multi vitamin by One A Day called Weight Smart. My swelling has gone down tremendously. My doctor believes it was a lack of magnesium that could have caused the Edema.

Well, I think this is going to be it for today. Thanks for stopping by. Take Care.


Anonymous said...

Hi Antonette. I am going back and reading some first entries that are listed in the Monday Morning Question. I find first entries fascinating.
It's sort of a shame that you deleted your other blog b/c once you do that you can never get it back. I know some who do that, and then regret it. But maybe it was for the best, b/c now you can truly go on from here.

May you have many more years with you blog.