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Thursday, July 28, 2005


Well, there is a lot of "stuff" going on this weekend. Michael Waltrip is leaving DEI at the end of this season. Obviously the contract talks didn't accomplish anything. Chalk up another bad mistake by the Executives at DEI.

Dale Jr. finished in the top 10 today. During the post race interview, the poor guy looked like he was dragged behind the car instead of driving it. He was exhausted and obviously in a bit of pain. I hope he will be ok, because Pocono is next, and that isn't one of his favorite tracks.

Tony Stewart had another dominate run today! Man, that car was something!!! And Tony is becoming quite the monkey climbing up fences. You got to admit it's unique!

Way to Go Martin Truex Jr.!! At least DEI did something right with getting Martin Truex Jr. a contract to drive a cup car in 2006. Well, he sure is a sure bet in the Busch series but let's see what happens when he's in a cup car fulltime in 2006,

Emily isn't a nice girl. She has become a strong 4 and now she's down to a Catagory 3. Once again, I believe she'll go over land tonight and go down to Catagory 2 if not a 1. All I know I'm glad I'm not in Cancun right now.

On a personal note, my echocardiogram is this Wednesday. I'll let you know how it goes and hopefully I'll get the results quickly. Until then...

Take Care