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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Sunday Update

Well the race stunk. That's all I have to say about that.

Tomorrow is my follow up visit with my doctor. I am hoping all goes well. I am going to ask her about a few things regarding my weight. I am losing weight, however, I firmly believe that the big changes I've made with my eating habits should have produced better results. I have been on a 1200-1300 calories a day plan, cut down on my sodium, no caffine intake, hardly any breads or pasta, and I have been keeping a food journal to make sure I am following my set rules. I've been doing some research online and some people are on a B12 shot and some other drug which I can't recall at this time. It's a appetite supressant. I don't need that, because I'm not that hungry most of the time. I just started taking cortidrene, hopefully that will help. I was taking Leptopril and relacore together. Leptopril gave me chest pains, so I got off of that. After researching, it seems that people had better results with Cortidrene than with Relacore, so that's the reason for my change.

The staining of my porch will have to wait a while longer it seems. It's going to be extremely hot this week and I think I would probably drop dead if I did decide to do it.

We are going to have our entire inside of our house painted. It's hospital white right now. I don't know how to paint, nor can my back handle it. My husband is extremely busy and there is no way he could do it. So, when we are on vacation in February, we are having a friend (who is very talented), paint the inside of our house. Now all I have to do is pick the paint. I couldn't believe how many paint colors there are! Holy Cow this isn't going to be easy.

Well, I'm going to finish updating my website and finish the laundry. Until next time....take care