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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Joey and I

Well good news! Joey's CT scan came out fine. And his most recent blood and urine tests came out fine also. As for the enlarged kidneys the Dr said he could have had them since he was born. As for the lower back pain, she said that could just be muscle sorness.

Well, now for me. I have had Edema for a long time. I've been on water pills for over a year now. The water pills don't get the job done. I am still swollen in my left ankle and foot. So, I went to the Dr's Thursday. I had a long conversation with her with regards to a lot of stuff. I have to get a Ecocardiocram and a chest X-ray to rule out fluid around the heart and any pulmonary issues.

They also took blood and urine from me. I've been dieting and I mean serious dieting since 4/19. I have lost some weight but it should be a little more significant. I know she's gonna say my thyroid is fine. It's been fine for the last few blood tests. I don't know but hopefully my tests will reveal something that will let us know why I can't lose weight. It's driving me nuts! It's like saying you're getting a makeover and when you look in the mirror...you look exactly the same as you did before your makeover. It's like, "Why bother?"

So here I sit, writing down what I ate today and counting the calories. My calorie intake was approx. 1182. My Doctor told me to start writing down what I eat. She told me I shouldn't have less than 1200-1300 calories. I'm lucky to eat 1000 calories in a day sometimes. Oh I could go on and on about this, but I'm so tired I'm ready to fall asleep as I am typing. Nite Nite.