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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Chest X-Ray

Well, today I went to the hospital to get my chest x-ray. This particular hospital is so nice and the people that work there are so friendly and very caring. It made the whole ordeal very comfortable.

Now all there is to do is wait. The technician who took my x-rays said if the radiologist found something that he/she didn't like that i would be contacted within a day or so, otherwise they'll just send a report to my Doctors. So here I sit, nervous and worried. I was up until 3AM reading about Edema online, and I wish I didn't because now that I know a lot about it, I'm petrified.

I am awaiting my blood and urine results to see if there is any issues with that. It's all just a waiting game now. Let's see how "bonkers" I become. Anyone want to start wagering???

Well, I'm starting to "crash". Hopefully my next entry will be about good news.